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Author Topic: World Of Tanks News/Changes  (Read 49578 times)


  • Madafaka'
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World Of Tanks News/Changes
« on: July 18, 2014, 12:29:50 PM »
Hello everyone,

a couple of people sent me the links to this article yesterday, thank you for that – one Mr.Tiemo Jung made an analysis of the World of Tanks client on his website and it’s quite interesting. I have contacted him on EU forums and he gave me a permission to repost his analysis here, so here goes. The text is his, it is written from his perspective, I did not edit it apart from formatting it a bit (I did cut down the intro description a bit though). Enjoy.


Finally i’ve got some time to work on a Project that i’ve wanted to do for quite some time, analyze the World of Tanks client, to find out how it ticks.

System Configuration:

Intel core i5 2400 (4 cores 3.1GHz)
16 GB Ram
Nvidia GeForce 660 Ti w/ 3 GB Ram
Samsung SSD 840 Series (240 GB): OS and Temp
Western Digital WD20EARX (2 TB): Game
Windows 8.1 Pro

And please excuse my not so perfect english, its not my native language, thanks.

Part 1 – Processes

The log that is used as base of this analysis can be downloaded here. If you want to see the log for your self, just get Process Explorer and open the WotLog.PML contained in the wotlog.7z with it.

This analysis is structured in multiple section, for each game state. First initialisation, this is from starting wot.exe until the login screen is displayed. Next is the login, this is from the display of the login screen until the the engine loads the hangar. Next parts are the hangar, match loading, the match it self and the hangar afterwards and the shutdown. There are also some sections covering some special behavior that are present during multiple phases, like shader loading, config storage and bugs.


The init is straightforward, but has some small surprises to offer.

The list of 3rd party libraries and interfaces that gets loaded:

The devs didn’t bother to keep the dev code separated from the release code, on launch the first non-os dll is ‘BugTrapU.dll’ its a debug library from IntelleSoft. It is shipped with the CT release but not with the live release.
Engine tries to load a steam_api.dll, this dll provides the connection to the steam overlay. So a steam support is incoming? Or was it considered but the code was not removed? If you put a copy of steam_api.dll into the root folder of wot, you get a error message, that wot was unable to find steam and you should try to run it through steam.
Fmod, which handles audio processing, it creates 3 threads, inspects the games root path for possible extensions and then scans the /audio sub path for possible audio data. It also looks into the audio files, to probably build a dictionary of audio data.
umbra OB 3 gets loaded, umbra itself creates 2 worker threads. As far as i know, wot does not use umbra 3 yet, so this is again an indicator for bad programming practices, you do not ship software with unfinished code and stuff that eats resources and have no benefit, especially if you target low end systems.
‘Uberwoorf’ interface, force feedback for your back and arse, i just had to lol hard when i found out about that :)
lightFX, probably part of Alienware computers, i don’t have one, so i can’t test what it does.
Logitech API get loaded, i have a Logitech mouse (G700) so the module gets loaded, but it does nothing, because the target of the interface are the keyboards with a lcd display attached to it. Nevertheless the Logitech driver create 2 threads, they do nothing (bad design from Logitech).
vivox, used by some well known publishers and developers to provide ingame VOIP.
Strange behaviors:

/res, /res_bw and /res_mods/[client version] gets scanned and enumerated more than one time, which indicates that they do not record their findings for later use.
.pkg files get scanned multiple times to.
user configuration gets loaded multiple times and in probably at least 2 different ways, which indicates code duplication with possible bugs.
Other observations:

large amount of compiled python files, indicate that vast portions of the engine are written in python.
flash is used for ui logic / display.

Login is short, if you enable auto login, it loads the login key/handle and transmits the data, if everything is okay, the hangar gets loaded.


On first enter of the hangar, the voip system starts multiple threads. The engine loads more python files, it also loads a bunch of def files about the tanks. The strange thing here is, the net traffic of the client to the server is somewhat clustered, probably the net system has some sync problems and delays the keep alive messages that are send to the server. The server sends multiple large packets back, probably the user state in some incremental form (first the current tank with some basic data, later other stuff) but this is pure speculation.

In the log you can see that the game is streaming the music (and the ambient sound of the hangar), but i set the music volume to zero, they should stop streaming music if the volume is set to zero.

You can also see, that the engine tries to load the user config from huge amount of combinations of game path + path to user config, and they are all malformed, this indicates that there is a bug in their file system.

the final stuff that gets loaded is the texture and model of the selected tank.

After that the hangar is ready for user interaction.

What you can not see at this log, model and texture data of each tank gets streamed as they are needed (user selects a other tank -> wheel appears).

Match Loading

Only one special thing happens here, a icons.dat get written, probably downloaded from a wargaming server. Other than that, normal graphics and ui data loading and the bugy loading of the user preferences.


While the match is running, audio data gets streamed and some data gets loaded especially as spectator later when i switched to other tanks. Some audio banks are opened and not kept open while the game is running, this results sometimes into frame drops. The replay is also written into temp.wotreplay.

music gest streamed, even if its volume is zero. For the section where the game plays no music, there is a no_music bank used, so the play constantly music.

Post Match Hangar

temp.wotreplay gets renamed to the proper file name, and a new temp.wotreplay gets created. Some cache data files gets updated.

Hangar gets loaded, nothing special, same way as initial hangar loading.


Nothing special really, the paging loaded lots of code segments that are related to shutdown of the modules.


If you look at the timings of the network traffic, the frequency for up and down stream is about 20hz, this is ok for that type of game. if you consider, Battlefield 4 used until recently a 10/30hz stream frequency, and this rate was too low for its type of game, an caused numerous bugs.

As a result of that, for every action you perform, there is a average of ping + 50ms (up) + 50ms (down) delay.


.pkg files are renamed .zip files created with ‘store’ mode, meaning there is no compression applied to each file when the package is created. This is done to avoid paying the cost of decompression of the contained data, while loading and background streaming. The cost of decompression can be severe, because the zlib library, which is used to open the .pkg files, is known to be slow, compared to other compression libs and formats.

Shader Loading

Shader loading is something ‘special’. Shader definitions are a combination of dependencies, hash value and compiled d3d9 hlsl code, stored in a .fxo file. The fxo file it self is a renamed .zip file too. The problem is, extracting a zip file within a .zip file is complicated or its too memory intensive for their memory budged (less likely, this .fxo files are small, the larges .fxo file is around 40kb) with zlib. So wargaming/bigworld found a workaround for that. The create a tmp file in your system temp directory and copy the .fxo into it and then opens this temp with zlib to read it. If they are finished, they throw the tmp file away. This procedure is repeated for each shader that is extracted from shader.pkg. This is a very bad behavior, abusing the filesystem of windows to work around a limitation of a bad file structure design. Shader loading is done on almost any stage of the game and can have a huge impact on loading times.

This behavior can have a negative impact on the disc where the temp directory resides, especially if its a ssd, it might reduces its lifetime. But i’m not an expert of the behavior of the os regarding ssds. But this behavior is alarming.

Config Storage

As the log shows, the loading of the configuration is done an almost any point were the engine transit into a ‘loading’ state (init, enter hangar, loading screen). This is somewhat okay, but after each loading of the config, the config gets written back to the disc, which is not needed. Also the writing back is done in a very inefficient manner, the file it self is a xml file, each node gets written separately, resulting in a huge number of system calls to the os, they are expensive.


The malformed path bug should be fixed, nothing severe can be observed. You can count the repeated scanning and enumerating of the content directories classify as performance bugs. A second performance bug is the handling of music playback, music is played even if the volume is set to zero and if no music is played during a match.

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  • Madafaka'
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Re: World of Tanks Client Analysis
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2014, 12:30:08 PM »
PART 2 :


The shipped zlib version is outdated, they should update to the newest version to assure best performance and security. Or replaces zlib with a more modern and compact de-compression library.

The shader loading behavior is a nogo, and they should changed this, to reduce the stress on the system while loading, resulting in better loading times, especially if the temp disc is slow and/or the system has to write the tmp files to disc.

As for the configuration file, they should only write it back if needed. And then they should buffer the xml data and write them with one write operation, to keep syscall time as small as possible.

Also they should keep released builds clean of experimental code, as you can see, some operations are a result of old or experimental code (steam, umbra etc).

Part 2 – Process Explorer

Process Explorer is a Task Manager on steroids, i will use it to observer cpu, ram, gpu and vram usage.

Game Setup, everything is set to max, except motion blur, i can’t stand this effect. Resolution is std 1080p. 60 FPS are rarely hit, the average is about 35 to 45 FPS.


Init / Login

Not more than 10% from time to time, but mostly about 1%. This is not surprising, most of the time the program is waiting for data read from disc.


10 to 20%, it is okay, but not very good, for a static hangar and a tank, where you only can move the camera.


Around 25 to 40% and the main thread is hovering at 23% ( 4 core system, so 25% is per thread limit ), so very close to full cpu core saturation. The other threads are the video driver with about 5% and fmod, mixing audio about 2%. The missing portion is filled by the various loading and streaming threads.


Init / Login

600 Megabytes, a bit much at first, but if you consider there is a huge python library running in the background, no surprise.


About 1 Gigabyte, for a hangar view may be a bit much.


1 Gigabyte to 1.2, this is surprisingly low, in contrast to the usage of the hangar view.


Init / Login

Very low, 1% may be, not surprising, there is not much to do for the graphics card while the cpu is processing data from disc.


70 to 80%, this is really extreme for what is shown. And as far as i know, there were multiple complaints abut that already.


Also 70 to 80%, this is relative height for what is shown on the screen, especially if you compare it to the direct competitor ( only graphically wise, not gameplay wise)’Warthunder Ground Forces’.


Init / Login

600 Megabytes, a bit much for about 100 shaders, and some ui elements.


1 Gigabyte, way too much for the hangar with one tank and the ui elements. May be some memory is reserved for later use in battle mode.


1.2 Gigabyte, this is surprisingly low, compared to both previous sections, probably allocate some texture space at startup that is filled while loading and used in battle mode.


If you hide the UI, the gpu usage goes up, this may sounds strange at first, but if you consider how each frame is created, this is a very clear indicator, that the rendering thread ( the thread that issues the commands to d3d9 to draw each frame ) is saturated. This is a well known limiting factor for current game engines (thre some talks about that on last gdc’s and other game / graphics programmer conferences), which resulted in mantle (AMD hawai+ graphics API), metal (Apple A7? graphics API) and dx12 (Microsoft), to solve that problem.

As they won’t change the underlying graphics api, they have to somehow decrease the number of commands that are issued to d3d9 to increase performance, or they do more with each command ( more polygons, more complex shaders ).


The game performance is mostly hindered by the main thread, that is unable to pump out more rendering commands. This can be a hard nut to crack, but without insight into their rendering pipeline, it is impossible to say what is the real limiting factor there, it is also possible that some stuff that is executed on the main thread, eats too many cpu cycles, that has nothing to do with rendering.

The high gpu usage is alarming too, the graphics are barely state of the art and this hints to sub optimal rendering techniques and shaders. But currently i can only speculate. More in depth analysis of the d3d9 interaction, including shaders, will come with part four.

Part 3 – PIX analysis

I will use PIX to analize the rendering of Word of Tanks.

This part covers only the hangar, because its massive amount of data to dig through. This part includes more explanations than the other, because graphic rendering is a complex topic.

Rendering Technique

WoT uses a technique known as deferred shading. The difference to forward rendering(the ‘default’ technique), the entire scene is rendered once, with some extra information. And each light and shadow gets projected into the image afterwards. On forward rendering, each object is rendered the amount of times it receives a light. The advantage of deferred shading is, that lights (if they not cast any shadows) are very cheap (scene complexity plus each light), in contrast to forward rendering (scene complexity times each light). The drawback of deferred shading is, its extremely bandwidth hungry and is less suited for scenes with view lights, because the static cost for the extra data, that are required to project the lights and shadows correctly, is higher than the cost of re rendering all objects of a scene a couple of times. Most modern rendering engines use deferred shading, because of the inflationary use of lights in scenes and with deferred shading it is almost free.

As for shadow rendering, the engine seems to use 2 different approaches at the same time. First for the sunlight it uses a derivative of a cascading shadow map, this technique has a great shadow qualty on objects near the camera, in thier implementation they render the view of the light 4 times. The other technique for local light sources that cast shadows, there are 4 in the hangar, the light of the inspection trench (i don’t know the special name of that, if it has one) below the tank, the directional light stand on the right, some lights directly above the tank and some lights in the left of the tank (below the pin board). For each light view, the scene is rendered on a very small texture (256×256) and later used to calculate the shadowing effect when the light gets projected into the scene. It seems they use also Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, to further enhance image quality, this is a very expensive technique to calculate light and shadows of light that bounces of surfaces and illuminate surfaces that are nearby.

These techniques are state of the art, used in some form by the unreal engine 3/4, cryengine 2/3, frostbite 1/2, unity and probably other engines. So the hangar rendering is state of the art, and it looks good.


The downfall of the hangar rendering is not the techniques used, it is how they are implemented, they did some fundamental mistakes, that cost a lot of performance.

At the start of each frame, the cascading shadow map gets rendered, this is their first fault, the sunlight is always the same, so the cascading shadow map is always the same (until you change the visible tank), why not render it once and use it all the time? Same goes for the 4 shadow casting lights in the hangar. These optimisations are done by many engines, they only render shadow maps if they need to, and if they have to, they do this not every frame (you won’t notice a difference if a shadow map gets updated with a rate of 15fps or with 120fps).

The next mistake is, they try not to reduce redundant state changes, for each draw call you have to change some state. Switch the shaders, use other texture, different blending mode and so on. But they set every state for every draw call, regardless of the current state. This puts a lot of stress onto the driver, each state change has to be validated by the driver and this can be very taxing for the cpu. On top of that, there are a lot of places where state changes has no effect, because they get overwritten before any draw command is issued, resulting in wasted power. A simple solution is to implement a ‘state shadowing’ system, it stores the current state of the rendering system and only passes true state changes along. With that, thy could reduce the number of calls to d3d by 70% and probably cut the cpu overhead in half.

They also use the effect library of the direct3d 9 extension library, it is good for demos, but for serious game engines, where each cpu cycle count, don’t use it. Almost any serious engine uses its own effect system, to gain usability, flexibility and performance in comparison to the direct3d 9 extensions library.

The next bummer, is the way how they are streaming vertex data (vertex data contains the position of each corner of each triangle and more data to correctly display textures and other effects) to the graphics card. The best way is, you allocate a big chunk and fill it with your streamed data, when your finished with streaming, you tell d3d that and start using the data do draw stuff. WoT streams the data that it needs to draw next, commit them and draw, in some cases this is done to draw 2 triangles. A good chunk of the calls to d3d is related to this behavior and is definitely impacting performance.

WoT also wastes a lot of memory, it is astounding how many resources wot loads and holds alive for the time its running. 500 to 900 shaders, 600 textures, 20 render targets, this is just insane. And the textures of the tanks have a 4k by 4k resolution. most of the stuff just lies dormant and is probably reserved or preloaded for battle mode, even if you take this into account, is still massive. It also looks like some textures and other resources get leaked on initialization phase (at least 2, 4k by 4k textures), so they sit there and waste space, not so good.

Ive also notices some strange behavior, the game requests midframe the device capabilities, this is really unusual, such things are done at startup to decide how to behave for best performance.

Another subpar behavior, is to create and destroy textures, vertex and index buffers mid frame. Sometimes it is not avoidable and you need to create resources, but the frequency should be really low, but WoT does this regularly, which is bad. Each time you allocate space at the graphics card, d3d, the os, the driver and the memory manager on you cpu and gpu gets involved. If the system is already stressed, on low memory situations, this will be really slow, the os, driver and both memory managers have to find space for the newly requested memory block. This behavior can also lead to memory fragmentation, which renders some memory regions unusable, because they are too small to use, and reduces the available memory space even further.

The UI rendering is also not optimal, they put every image of each UI element in its own texture, this makes certain optimisations impossible. The most common and simplest optimisation, is to put all images of your UI, into one big texture, this is also known as texture atlasing, then you no longer need to switch textures for each element, which allows you to batch them together. This can reduce the number of draw commands from a couple hundred to thousand, down to a handful draw commands.


They have lots of opportunities to improve performance, adding a state shadow system should help them with cpu perf, and they should rethink some of their resource management and streaming to free up dormant power. Also batching is very important and since years the most common way to address performance problems.

To be continued….


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"FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2014, 12:31:28 PM »


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #3 on: July 18, 2014, 01:46:51 PM »

am si eu o sugestie, sper sa nu deranjez

nu crezi ca ar merge mai bine facut un singur topic cu stirile de pe FTR?

sunt atat de multe incat mi se pare ca nu mai inteleg nimic din forumul asta

repet e doar o sugestie



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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #4 on: July 18, 2014, 03:03:03 PM »

am si eu o sugestie, sper sa nu deranjez

nu crezi ca ar merge mai bine facut un singur topic cu stirile de pe FTR?

sunt atat de multe incat mi se pare ca nu mai inteleg nimic din forumul asta

repet e doar o sugestie


si eu am vrut sa fac chestia asta dar am zis ca nu o sa mai stie lumea ce e nou si ce nu e


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #5 on: July 18, 2014, 06:00:40 PM »
Topic dedicat stirilor de pe FTR


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #6 on: July 18, 2014, 06:06:13 PM »
Straight Outta Supertest: Chaffee

Hello everyone,

currently, the supertesters got their hands on the new, reworked Chaffee (in HD, for now without texture), that’s going to appear in 9.3. One thing is clear: the Chaffee will recieve the same type of nerfs the VK2801 did for example, along with reduced MM spread. The only nerf currently known is that the elite Chaffee will have 420HP instead of current 580, but this is of course only the supertest version and likely will change.

Honestly, it always surprised me how people expected the vehicle NOT to be nerfed when it gets reduced MM.
Oh yea, RU251 will appear in 9.3 – more on that in today’s QA.


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #7 on: July 18, 2014, 06:06:46 PM »
Q&A Stream with Inaki

Hello everyone,

recently, there was yet another stream with Aleksei “Inaki” Ilyin, the chief Russian community manager (his answers are not as reliable as Storm’s of course, but reliable enough). As usual, Maiorboltach from the world-of-ru community was kind enough to provide a transcription. Here’s what Inaki said.

- according to Inaki, the fact that developers are not playing their game is a lie, the map makers and other developers are constantly playing
- according to Inaki, Twitch is slowly dying. This is caused by a range of issues (he explains at length how the quality of some stream channels dropped to the point of being unwatchable, causing the streamers to move to other platforms, such as cybergame, causing the total amount of Twitch viewers to drop). Inaki also adds that there are games now that allow the “streaming” to happen within the game (for example Dota), mainstream games are starting to organize streaming themselves (Dota TI2014)
- the way World of Tanks handles streams will be changed, (on RU server) the streams will appear in the launcher as “stream of the day”, there will also be a special ASAP magazine about streaming
- developers already tested the ingame stream function, it works according to all expectations, it is very simple to use (“press one button to stream”). Near Autumn, there will be a WoT patch, that will allow the players to set their scenes etc., the ingame streaming will be very simple to understand for anyone who wants to stream
- the chance of roaming ever being implemented is low
- in 9.3, new premium tanks will come

- developers are working on complete overhaul of how premium tanks work
- it’s very likely that the requirements for the gun barrel “rings” (for damage done) will be lowered in 9.3 in relation to the amount of battles required, so you get more or less stable results. 9.2 will bring “dynamic changes of percentage in the kill mark statistics” (SS: whatever that is)
- Mountain Pass will be reworked in 9.3 (the statistical difference between bases winrate is 2 percent), the center of the map will be changed and (SS: if I understand it correctly) the bush from which you can spot everything will be removed, this is done upon the request of company mode players and the community
- RU251 will either come in 9.4 or 9.5 (SS: other WG employees were not aware of this info, so it’s possible this is wrong, other – reliable – WG source states it is still planned for 0.9.3)
- 80 percent of players uses some mod
- Clanwars 2.0 will come soon
- the playerbase of WoT is still growing, but it’s less than it was last year
- soon, there will be another “fun mode” á la “soccer mode” (Inaki hints at “Tank Biathlon”)


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #8 on: July 18, 2014, 06:39:04 PM »
- T34 (US premium tank) will be “reworked”, when it gets turned to HD
- position on recoilless guns will most likely not change
- Chinese tanks will not be changed (SS: the player was suggesting that the British are getting changes because they are unpopular)
- height of ingame T-54 is correct
- +/-1MM will not be introduced, “it would not be interesting to play”
- 50 percent of players play with improved render, 50 percent use the original old render
- the change of crew role (SS: radioman to driver for example) will come soon
- the “70 people develop WoT” number is without testers, with testers it’s cca 100
- Storm explains the “T-54 Model 1945″ premium Soviet tier 8 medium tank: “The decision has already been made and the models are already being created. We didn’t want to have a large number of T-44′s – if we are to make many clones anyway, T-54 fits the role more as the most mass-produced tank in history”
- choosing your tanks in team battles depending on the map? “This year I hope”
- in the past, developers mentioned they want to add extra features for premium account to compensate for some premium features lost, such as the platoons. In the end this did not happened, because “we didn’t figure out nothing suitable”
- the combat UI is still using ActionScript 2 version
- Not much time left until AFK’ers, standing on the base and not moving will get no XP from battle

- Q: “How come it often happens that I get the same map three times in a row out of 5 battles?” A: “We can’t do anything about it.”
- Ruinberg on fire had its chance to drop reduced, but other maps’ chances to drop will not be changed for now
- maps with only one mode (only random battle, without encounter and assault versions) will also not have their chances to drop changed
- IS-6 to be reworked? “If there are any issues with the model, we will fix them when the model is reworked to HD”
- it’s not yet known whether the HESH mechanism will be reworked, but it’s possible
- equipment and perks/skills are scheduled for rework in the future
- larger ignore/friend list? “Wait for 2.0″
- the game taking too much CPU/GPU resources in hangar? “I can’t say anything about that”
- developers are (as an anti-TD measure apparently) considering reducing the viewrange of all the tanks, apart from light tanks
- regarding the company mode: “We have to completely rework the company searching mechanism, based on the one used in team battles”
- the 5 second friends list timeout (SS: not sure what this concerns) is a “DDOS protection”
- Q: “I suggest reworking the camo like this – if a tank was spotted and it did not move anywhere, it will remain spotted.” A: “That’s roughly what we are going to do”
- the tier 6 KV-85 will keep the 122mm D-25 gun (SS: or D-2-5, identical gun, different breech – anyway the KV-85 has really bad depression, -2 or so)
- Storm on what will appear in 9.3: “RU251, LTTB, T-54 Light, reworked Chaffee, T37, Walker Bulldog, T49, new KV-1S, KV-85″
- XP for tanking? “When it’s done it’s done”
- KV-1S will split into KV-1S (tier 5) and KV-85 (tier 6)
- 150mm E-100 HE shells will not be buffed
- 37mm Sh-37 gold shells will not be buffed
- Sturmtiger was basically scrapped for now, because it’s not possible to balance it in the game
- mid-tier artillery will not be buffed
- GWE buff? “If it stands out statistically”
- no plans to ban noobmeter
- composite armor, active/reactive armor, smoothbores and guided missiles will not appear in the game
- FV215b will be switched for Chieftain because “Chieftain was a real existing tank, that’s the main reason.”
- Challenger (MBT) prototype is too modern for WoT, same goes for T-64
- it’s possible that Chinese tier 10 heavy will be reworked, “but no guarantees”
- quick (one button) transfer of equipment from tank to tank? “Maybe, but it has low priority”
- Storm does openly state the FV215b (120) is made up (Storm: “SerB’s construction bureau”)
- no further AMX50B buff is planned for now
- there are no plans to completely rework the interface
- no current plans to rework player statistics
- 1×1 and 3×3 “arena” mode will not come (Storm: “it has practically zero audience”)
- official WG rating in the battle will not be displayed (“everyone will use XVM anyway”)


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #9 on: July 20, 2014, 07:44:01 PM »

- the unhistoricity of tanks in the game is relative according to developers: some players claim that 70 percent of all tanks are “unhistorical” – developers argue that this number could be brought to up to 100 percent, since there is practically always an unhistorical element in some tanks (such as maximum speed)
- why was WT E-100 nerfed in second test? “Because reducing the number of shells by 1 and buffing the magazine reload time made it even strunger. No way we want that.”
- the fact that tanks need rebalance every now and than is normal: “If it ever stops, it means we closed the project. Every online project has constant rebalancing. Sometimes only a small one, but every project. There is no ideal balance in the world.”


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #10 on: July 21, 2014, 10:41:12 AM »
Tank Inspector Pro is Coming

Hello everyone,

you already probably know about the Tank Inspector software, a really good model viewer combined with a data sheet for each vehicle in the game. Very nice for leaking supertest info checking the tanks out, especially their armor models.

It’s Chinese creators haven’t ceased to develop new versions, that is known, but what you probably don’t know is that they are currently working on an upgraded Tank Inspector Pro version, with more functions. This is how its interface will look (fully customizable using plugins).
This is the tank spreadsheet as a document, which will be possible to export (in cvs format) and copy for example to your site. The page is fully customizable, you can set which data you want to see.
It will also be possible to compare two tanks, or one tank with different crew/equipment setups. It will also be possible to compare the same tank within different versions of the game, including the differences in armor setup.

The program will include a XML viewer tool for studying and editing the XML files in the game.http://ftr.wot-news.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/xml.jpg
And this is the client explorer UI, also customizable.

Unfortunately, this upgraded tool will not be for free, there will be a price of 2 USD per month or so, but the developers will continue releasing the free version as well.


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
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Noul mediu rusesc tier 10 premium

Object  907 – Soviet medium tank level 10


The main technical characteristics of the tank:

Health: 2000
Weight (t): 36/39
Engine power (hp): 610
Max speed (km/h): 55
Hull armor:100/85/45
Turret armor:228/180/46
Turning rate (grades/s): 54
Shell damage: 240-400
Rate of fire: 8.45
Turret turn rate: 48
Viewrange: 400
Radio range: 850
Gun: 100 mm D-54TS

- Ammo capacity: 45
- Reload time: 7.1

Engine: B-12-5U
Radio: R-23
Price: 22 500 gold

Read more http://worldof-tanks.com/object-907-in-world-of-tanks/


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
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nu este premium


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
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Interview with Evilly Q&A

Hello everyone,

recently (27.7.2014), there has been an interview with Anton “Evilly” Pankov, “main operative producer of Wargaming”. Here’s what he said (keep in mind that on one hand, this guy was wrong before, on the other hand, he got promoted from the community department, so his info should be solid)

- Wargaming is working on yet unannounced projects, Evilly can’t talk about that
- Firefly branch will come this year
- FV4202 will be replaced along with the Firefly branch, close to the end of the year, either with Vickers MBT or Chieftain prototype, FV4202 will be changed because it’s the worst tank of its tier
- the Firfly branch will with high probability include TD’s
- it’s not decided yet whether the FV215b will be replaced by something else
- FV4202 will be turned into tier 8 premium tank, owners of the tier 10 FV4202 will most likely get the premium tank for free (!!!) the way it happened before with the T34
- there are no plans to buff the VK4202P Ausf.B further
- KV-1S will be split as announced earlier in 9.3

- 9.3 will bring rebalance of specifically tier 6 vehicles, the entire tier has to be rebalanced because “we are removing the strongest tank of the tier”
- it’s possible that some premium vehicles (Pz IV/V and others) will be buffed in order to make them more comfortable to play
- WG considers the Super Pershing and IS-6 events to be sufficiently successful, in the future, there will periodically be more such events, allowing players to get hightier premium tanks, the next one should be in September with a “very interesting tank” reward
- new city maps were introduced because there was a lack of city maps in the game in general
- Stalingrad map is still planned
- Havok will be split into two phases – moving object physics and environment
- motion physics change will bring a lot of smaller changes that will however influence the gameplay, such as tanks not stopping immediately but stopping slower
- currently developers are working on several prototype maps, that have the Havok elements included in them, because object destruction requires the rework of the old maps to accomodate this change
- developers will try to implement Havok this year
- 9.3 will bring Stronghold fixes based on 9.2 feedback plus the option to attack enemy strongholds
- 9.3 should also introduce new fun mode (SS: as in, stuff like the soccer mode)
- 9.3 might also bring some tier 10 rebalances and with high probability a new city map and new “atmospheric” effects
- 9.3 regular tank content: US, Soviet and German LT’s up to tier 8 and rework of older light tanks
- 9.4 will not bring any regular (farmable) tanks, it will come in “late Fall”
- it’s possible that all the tanks will have viewrange reduced and LT’s will have it increased, so they become the “eyes” of the teams, but currently this is not being worked on
- for those players, whose battles load really fast and then they have to wait their entire countdown, the developers are planning to introduce the feature of switching between allied tanks (the way you can when you die) before the battle starts
- developers started to work on the upgrade of the cybersports mode (the test tournaments were a part of that)
- currently developers are working on a new game mode as well
- Gamescom will offer the possibility to play WoWs for the first time


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
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nu cred ca o sa faca WG o pomana asa de mare :)

plus ca tancul de acum e prea puternic pentru tier 8, deci o sa fie "alt" tanc, deci 0 compensatii