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Author Topic: World Of Tanks News/Changes  (Read 47023 times)


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #30 on: August 28, 2014, 03:09:21 PM »


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #31 on: August 28, 2014, 03:11:05 PM »
Hello everyone,

so, Tanitha posted that he’s not the author of the “9.3 Preview” text. Good, he’s a nice guy and I would hate to have to insult him. With that being said:

Whoever wrote this is a retard.

I was busy with other stuff so I did not even read the text properly, but here are a few points that are wrong with it.

- the “T49″ on the picture is actually the M41. T49 pics were posted here.
- “X-tier AT-SPG” – google transated Russian term “PT-SAU” – correct word is of course “tank destroyer”
- RU251 is NOT a Leopard predecessor, they just share visual similiarities
- “T49 Light Tank. This vessel was designed in USA during WWII” – vessel? T49 is not a ship. The word you are looking for is “platform”, which by the way is also crap, as the vehicle was designed in the 50′s. Didn’t know WW2 ended so late.
- T49 was not “one of the versions” of M41, it was simply an upgrade prototype. Also, T49 did NOT have the 152mm gun, that was again another testbed.
- if the HE shell nominal damage is 700, how can it deliver 700-1000 damage?
- what is “convergence speed” – you mean aim time?
- T-54 light has “playing comfort”? With that depression?


Anyway, looking forward to those vehicles


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #32 on: August 29, 2014, 12:28:39 PM »
Wargaming Bots in World of Tanks?

Hello everyone,

you might have seen the video with RU251 yesterday. There is one interesting part in it however, apart from the tank itself. Check this out:

The text below says “Module (right track) damaged by the shot of Bot 06″

Apparently, this is the first glimpse of Wargaming testing bots in the game. These could be useful for some things like tutorials or PvE mode, let’s just hope we won’t see them in the game instead of real players, we have enough of our own bots already…

Interesting though.


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #33 on: September 18, 2014, 12:27:17 PM »
Chaffee Race Video
Hello everyone,

Wargaming just published the Chaffee race video. We of course knew about it earlier from the leaks, but it’s nice to see they were correct :) The event will apparently start on 29.9.2014


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #34 on: September 18, 2014, 12:28:06 PM »
WG EU “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit Today

Hello everyone,

apparently, Wargaming EU will be doing an “Ask Me Anything” session today from 19:30 to 21:00 CEST (GMT +2) on the Reddit subforum. So, if you are interested in this kind of thing, go ahead.

The bad news is, unlike last time when we had Evilly, there is nobody from WG RU represented there, so the replies will likely be… limited. Personally, I wouldn’t really even know what to ask, but I would suggest – instead of asking “when” and “if”, trying to ask “why”.



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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #35 on: September 18, 2014, 12:30:33 PM »

Storm on new physics: “In the new physics, the interaction between the vehicle and small obstacles and irregularities on the ground is completely different. When going over such spots, the tanks lose much less speed, shrugging these obstacles off by the work of its suspension. It’s much easier to keep the target in your sights without losing your speed. I consider one of the positive aspects of new physics.”

- Storm confirms that the Chieftain in the game will be Mk.2 (SS: he was mistaken before with Mk.3, not a hard mistake to do, since Vickers MBT Mk.3 was considered for WoT)
- developers are not making the Chieftain model yet, it will be scanned in Bovington first
- Chieftain and the FV4202 switch will not come this year apparently
- it’s possible that 0.9.5 will come this year (specifically December 14 was mentioned by Storm)
- IS-7 “rectangular” gun barrel will be fixed later
- reworked historical battles will definitely not come in 2014
- vehicles in new historical battles will be “historical”, but which ones exactly will be used is not decided yet
- Chaffee 43k XP compensation will NOT be free XP
- tank corpses (destroyed tank hulls) do not ricochet in 9.3, only tanks that are alive do
- Chinese tank crew setup (where the radioman position switches from one crewmember to another) will be fixed
- T-54 HD model does not correspond the T-54 Light HD model. T-54 model has to be fixed according to Storm

- the “sunk turret” bug on RU251 was fixed
- Veider regarding the situation where the new LT’s have very good terrain passability and therefore, they can “hide” from other classes hunting them on places, that cannot be reached normally: “That’s what the base capture mechanism is in the game for.”
- the idea to rework Murovanka was born during the meetings of balancers, map-makers and community managers.
- M41 Walker Bulldog has a small mistake with the gun clipping apparently (SS: or rather, with the lack of, I am not exactly sure what Veider means here), it will be fixed in 9.4. This bug was fixed by the fact that it was balanced around SD model, which was changed a bit when it was reworked to HD
- E-50M is fine, when it comes to gun depression, model won’t be changed
- it’s unfortunately not possible for technical reasons to make more detailed depression setup – for example, if a gun can depress in frontal sector only to -7 degrees due to – say – periscopes on the hull (Panther case), it’s not possible to make the gun depress more, when it’s aiming forward between those periscopes. It’s possible in theory, but it would be resource-consuming to develop and would bring only small gain
- no plans to buff “121″ tank in forseeable future
- Storm states that the theory that Maus stats are higher than they should be because more experienced players play it than for example IS-7 was checked by WG and proven false


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #36 on: September 22, 2014, 01:44:27 PM »
WG EU Events in October (and partially November)

Hello everyone,

once again, complete list of EU missions for the upcoming month got leaked, this time for October. Enjoy!

Top of the Tree (1.10.-15.10.) – E-100
Top of the Tree (15.10.-1.11.) – M48 Patton

8.10.-1.11. “Togtober” month event
- be in top 3 in XP in your team in random battle on a tier 4+ tank, get 50 percent more XP
- win 5 games on a tier 4+ tank once per day while being in top 10 in XP, get 1 gold repair kit and 1 gold fire extinguisher
- complete the previous mission 15 times, get a free TOG II + garage slot

30.9.-4.10. “Weekly Missions”
- play 50 random or team battles on tier 4+ tank while being in top 10 in XP, get 5 gold repair kits and 5 gold extinguishers (once per account)

4.10.-7.10. “Cry Havoc and let slip the dog of war”
- x3 XP for first victory
- crew skill reset 50 percent discount
- camo and inscription up to 50 percent discount
- all regular tier 6 and 7 heavy tanks and tank destroyers 30 percent discount
- AT-15A prem TD 30 percent discount

- get 35000 XP on a tier 4+ British tank (only battles where you damage enemy vehicle at least once count, once per account), get enhanced gun-laying drive equipment
- destroy at least 1 British tank while playing tier 4+ tank (repeatable), get 50 percent crew XP bonus

7.10.-11.10. “Weekly Missions”
- recieve Brothers in Arms medal on tier 4+ tank, get triple crew XP

11.10.-14.10. “Drums of Doom”
- tier 5 regular artillery 50 percent discount
- tier 6,7 artillery 30 percent discount
- crew skill reset 50 percent discount
- x3 XP for first victory

- get 5000XP on tier 4+ artillery (3x per day maximum) while being in top 10 in XP, get 2 gold repair kits
- complete previous mission 6 times, get camo net equipment
- destroy 1 SPG in battle in tier 4+ tank, get 25 percent XP bonus
- complete previous mission 15 times, get toolbox equipment

14.10.-18.10. “Weekly Missions”
- get 65000 XP during this event on tier 4+ tank while being in top 10 in XP, get 1 day of premium account

18.10.-21.10. “Mediums are Not Rare”
- double crew XP for all
- tier 6,7 regular medium tanks 30 percent discount
- Panzer IV Schmalturm and the M10 Panther 30 percent gold discount
- equipment 25 percent discount

- deal 750 damage in one battle with a tier 4+ medium tank, get 25 percent XP bonus
- complete previous mission 25 times, get Vertical Stabilizer Mk.1 equipment (once per account)
- destroy 35 medium tanks in a tier 4+ vehicle, get 250000 credits (once per account)

21.10.-24.10. “Weekly Missions”
- play 25 battles with a tier 4+ vehicle while being in top 10 in XP (once per account), get 2 gold repair kits, 2 gold medkits, 2 gold fire extinguishers

24.10.-27.10. “King of Metal”
- x3 XP for first victory
- tier 4,5 regular heavy tanks 50 percent discount
- tier 6,7 regular heavy tanks 30 percent discount
- tier 8 heavies Lowe, IS-6, 112 – 15 percent discount
- crew retraining 50 percent discount

- deal 1000 damage in one battle in tier 4+ heavy tank, get double crew XP
- complete previous mission 25 times, get improved ventilation class 3 equipment
- destroy 35 heavy tanks in a tier 4+ vehicle, get 250000 credits

27.10.-31.10. “Fury movie premiere in Europe”

During this event, a special “Fury” hangar will be active.

- triple crew XP for everyone
- destroy 10 German tanks in a tier 4-8 US tank (maximum three times per day), get 30000 credits
- destroy 10 US tanks in a tier 4-8 German tank (maximum three times per day), get 30000 credits
- win 5 battles using the M4A3E8 “Fury” special tank while being in top 10 XP, get x5 XP

(SS: told you the “special” tank would be a re-skinned M4A3E8 :) Anyway, I am not sure how the mission above will work exactly – what is the point in getting x5 XP on a temporary tank, so you convert it to free XP? Hmm maybe the XP will be added to some other tank after the special tank gets removed)

31.10.-3.11. “Halloween weekend”

During this event, a special “Halloween” hangar will be active.

- x3 XP for first win
- camo 50 percent discount
- consumables (all) 50 percent discount
- inscriptions, emblems 50 percent discount
- free 1 day of premium and 10 chocolate consumables when logging in during this event

- play 15 battles in a tier 4+ tank while being in top 10 in XP (once per day), get 5 large repair kits

3.11.-8.11. “Fury weekly missions”

After the Halloween weekend is over, Fury hangar returns to haunt us until 11.11.

- get 3000XP on tier 4-8 US tank (while being in top 10 in XP, maximum 3x per day), get 2 gold repair kits
- get 3000XP on tier 4-8 German tank (while being in top 10 in XP, maximum 3x per day), get 2 gold repair kits
- win 5 battles using the M4A3E8 “Fury” special tank while being in top 10 XP, get x5 XP

8.11.-11.11. “Fury weekend”

At the end of this weekend event, Fury hangar disappears.

- triple crew XP
- equipment discount 25 percent
- consumables discount 50 percent
- premium account discount (3 days for 350, 7 days for 680)
- free 2 days of premium for everyone upon login

- destroy at least 2 US tanks in one battle while being in top 10 XP (in a tier 4+ tank, must survive the battle), get 25 percent XP bonus
- destroy at least 2 German tanks in one battle while being in top 10 XP (in a tier 4+ tank, must survive the battle), get 25 percent XP bonus
- earn 75000 XP during this event on a tier 4+ tank, get 5 gold extinguishers, 5 gold repair kits, 5 gold medkits and 500000 credits
- win 5 battles using the M4A3E8 “Fury” special tank while being in top 10 XP, get x5 XP


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #37 on: September 25, 2014, 12:25:25 PM »

First and foremost – regarding the “new bot ban system” – I was apparently wrong in accusing WG EU of inaction. Ectar posted that this system is in fact in operation for over a month. He wrote the following:

We didn’t want to do a new article as we didn’t want to warn naughty players that we were coming for them. We’ve had this new system active since the start of the month and 9.3 will bring an additional system to deal with AFK players and those players who leave a battle early. What we have active on EU atm is the same as what is active on RU. You don’t hear much about players being banned because no one wants to admit they got caught doing something they shouldn’t have.

So, I guess that’s that. Personally, I do not understand why keep such a thing secret – after all, the point of such a system is not only to punish, but also to deter (that’s why WG RU made actual portal posts about it). Make no mistake, the system is effective on RU forums (yes, I am paranoid, so I manually checked the list of players announced to be banned for botting – RU does that – and indeed, they were banned). I am actually impressed, it’s time WG as a whole took the issue of bots seriously.

- the LTTB turret is actually historical. Sort of. It’s a regular T-34/85 turret with slightly enlarged turret ring (1600 to 1660mm). It was however not designed for LTTB, it’s completely independent on that.
- the next gift tank (Panzer II Ausf.D) having too low penetration? “It’s still supertest” and “No comment on leaks”
- no tank will be buffed just because some developers don’t play well with it
- German 37mm and 50mm subcaliber rounds lose a lot of penetration over distance (more than others apparently). Veider states this is historical, based on some documents. In the future, this will be reworked so all the subcaliber shells of that respective caliber lose the same percentage of their penetration

- the map reload time depends mostly on disk speeds
- Hellcat in 9.3 is doing fine according to Veider, it just lost the part where it could act as a medium tank
- regarding the T-34/85 vs T-34 hull size differences: “Praxis showed that it can be in either way. Even in one factory production run, there were size differences.” (SS: that is true, but this issue was not limited to Soviet production, Germans had a share of those as well)
- there’s apparently a 9.3 bug, where – when you disable the display of leaves in sniper mode – the leaves of some trees are still getting displayed.
- apparently, RU251 turret LOD is messed up as well (depending on zoom, the turret moves up and down)
- the hangar UI rework in 9.3 solved “many things”
- new Murovanka is “significantly better than the old campfest”, old Murovanka will not return
- old hangar UI will not be returned
- the processor core distribution was not touched lately apparently
- FCM 50t is fine statistically, but unpopular
- the “NKVD officer” (leaving the battle punishment in replays) bug will be fixed
- 0.9.1 test sounds (SS: remember? Hellcat and Jackson and such) were not scrapped
- for now there is no plan for graphic overhaul of tech trees
- the new menu background ugly black to be changed? “We will do something about it. But it has no influence on the game or on comfort.”
- Legionnaires (“mercenaries”) will be reworked, there are plans to do that – they will “adhere to the principle of selection (of battle) the team battles and random battles adhere to” (whatever that means), there are also plans to make them benefit from the industrial resource they helped gather (Q: “Something like the Department of War building for random players?” A: “That is the general direction.”)
- the HD textures were decided to be implemented as separate, because “the texture quality of it is a bit better than “maximum” and given the circumstances, the difference can only be told when looking at gun barrel with magnifying glass”


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #38 on: September 25, 2014, 12:26:10 PM »
Polish Wargaming Q&A

Hello everyone,

I am sure that the Polish FTR readers known about Polish Dom1n’s blog – personally, I consider it one of two best non-Russian WoT blogs there are (the second would be Eikarramba’s http://wot-com.de/ in German).

Recently, Dom1n was successful in acquiring some QA answers from Obirian and Quasars, WG EU producers. Now… the latter name might be familiar to some of the older FTR readers. This guy did QA earlier on EU server (once per blue moon) and… it was not successful, to put it mildly. So, take any answers here with a grain of salt. Also, if I mistranslated something from Polish, please let me know, the original Polish source is here.

- in 9.3 ricochet system, you will not be punished for having your shell ricochet and damaging an ally
- ricocheting your shell into an enemy tank will count as your damage
- shells will not ricochet from house walls

(followed by explaining the ricochet mechanics, can be found here)

- new LT8 models have each over 40 thousand polygons
- water does not provide camouflage bonus
- shooting a tank that is under water does not make the shell lose penetration
- there are plans to rebalance LT’s further, the Chaffee rebalance and introducing new LT8′s are the first steps

- tanks are rebalanced based on a set of parameters, including their winrate, they are apparently rebalanced in groups (SS: “tier 6 tanks” in 9.3 for example)
- Stronghold mode is much more popular than CW’s, it’s intended for mass audience
- new motion physics will be released, once they pass internal testing, WG doesn’t want to hurry anything, apparently a new feature will be added: “handbrake” (locking tracks), along with drifting and tanks tipping over on their roof
- 9.3 will bring another batch of optimizations, so the game is playable on weak computers.
- developers are working on SD/HD content split, allowing the players to select, whether they want to download HD content
- tree animation cannot be disabled in settings, because the effect of that animation of FPS is negligible
- the Sherman and M3 Lee (and others) use of rubber-covered tracks is “historical”
- no plans to do anything about inactive accounts, “occupying” good names
- the “realistic track movement” has no effect on gameplay, it is purely visual (SS: as in, it does not for example change the tracks hitbox)
- drowning/suicide punishment system will be reworked, won’t appear in 9.3 for now
- Ferdinand model color is not different from other German vehicles (“maybe it was the lighting”)
- Heavy tanks are doing fine, the “XP for tanking” option will improve them even more
- open-turret vehicles do not have their turrets fly away, because during the ammo rack explosion, the pressure does not build inside to tear it off
- the biggest EU communities are Germans and Polish
- plans to break the dominance of top clans in CW? “Stronghold mode will allow you to pick the opponents of the same skill level”
- WG plans to increase the amount of content for endgame players
- the most popular tier 10 vehicle in the game is IS-7
- the most historical parameter of all in the game is the tank armor
- the exact influence of terrain resistance on tank mobility will not be disclosed
- the reason why Sturmtiger was scrapped is its gun and its alpha
- “national battles” will return as soon as they are fixed (SS: remember that crap?)
- historical and “national” battles were removed for rework due to their low popularity
- no plans to introduce MTLS or BT-SV to EU server
- multicore support will come after Havok is implemented
- EU tree will come in 2015 (SS: yes, that is actually planned as far as I know)
- T-34-3 buff will come “soon”
- developers are considering the return of the Karl mode and the Soccer mode
- arty will not be removed from the game
- it’s possible Havok will come in 9.4 (SS: nope, Storm said no)
- no plans to remove the arty hardcap (5 per battle)
- it’s possible bigger maps (1500×1500) will come in the future, but definitely not in 2014
- there are plans for a single-player mode with bots
- T-50-2 will not return
- the new motion physics model will be “realistic enough so the battles are dynamic and interesting”


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #39 on: September 30, 2014, 07:54:26 PM »
“Meeting the Storm” Video Q&A

Hello everyone,

the faster of you noticed that there was a video published, containing some information about the upcoming game changes. Then it was taken down and apparently, it will appear tomorrow. It’s nothing really new, it’s just a summary of the stream with Storm, which I already covered before. Just to sum up what was said in this video then:

- a definition of Havok: it will be used to model client-side beautiful destruction
- Havok will use a separate core thread, which will satisfy multicore PC owners, it will be optional
- the technology is ready, but now maps and objects have to be reworked for it, it’s a lot of work and it will take some time
- multicore support: right now, developers are working on transferring some client and graphic calculations to separate threads. It takes a lot of work, devs are working on it for quite some time and the work will not be finished anytime soon.
- multicore support will not be a magical solution to all performance problems, even though it might increase the performance by dozens of percent
- FV4202 will be made premium, it is not yet decided whether developers will get it for free
- new motion physics will bring realistic tank movement, tanks will be able to perform “controlled drift”, it will be possible either to turn like now, or to make an U turn, but by doing that, you will lose speed
- tank “swinging” (when stopping or starting) was moved serverside and now it will be possible to shoot below or above your depression/elevation by sharply braking or accelerating (the gun will “jerk” upwards above the elevation for example)
- tanks will lose much less speed when going over small obstacles such as stones
- no ETA (when it’s done it’s done), but much of the work was finished already, currently the developers are actively testing, fixing bugs and polishing the model
- there will be a SD and HD texture split in the future the way it was made in 9.3 – SD textures have half the resolution and will be supplied as “standard” for everyone, while HD textures will be available for optional download. This was decided because there is very little difference between the ways HD and SD textures look.
- in the future, not only tanks, but maps as well will be reworked to HD model, for them, the HD textures will also be optional like for tanks
- crew skills/perks will be reworked in order to make all of them attractive, so players don’t have such an easy choice
- sixth sense will be removed as a perk and everyone will get it automatically, it will be tied to the radioman (or crewman with radioman’s role)
- it will be possible to retrain crewmen from one role to another


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #40 on: October 03, 2014, 10:31:31 PM »
Straight Outta Supertest: T95E2

Hello everyone,

a new tier 8 premium/reward tank appeared on supertest, the T95E2. Some are speculating that it’s a reward tank, but nothing is confirmed at this point.

The description reads:

The development started in September 1954. Many pieces of equipment and modules were unified with the T96 heavy tank. In total, nine vehicles were produced, five of which were equipped with a 90mm gun and four were planned to be equipped with the T96 tank turret and its 105mm gun. However, since the T96 turrets were not ready on time, it was decided to fit the tank temporarily with the M48A2 tank turret with its M41 rifled gun. These vehicles were built in May-June 1957 and were designated T95E2.

Statistics for 100 percent crew, preliminary price 7500 gold.

Tier: 8 Premium
Hitpoints: 1500
Weight: 38,363 tons
Engine power: 560 hp
Power-to-weight: 14,6 hp/t
Maximum speed: 56,3/21 km/h
Terrain resistance: 0,863/1,055/1,822
Hull traverse: 36 deg/s
Viewrange: 390
Radiorange: ?

Armor – hull: 95,3/71,1/25,4
Armor – turret: 177,8/101,6/50,8

Gun: 90mm M41
Penetration: 173/242/45
Damage: 240/240/320
DPM: 2085,7
Reload time: 6,904s
ROF: 8,69
Accuracy: 0,345
Aimtime: 2,01s
Depression: -9/+19
Ammo carried: 64
Turret traverse rate: ?

Armor scheme:


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #41 on: October 06, 2014, 12:02:53 PM »
Invite Codes

Hello everyone,

new invite codes are here. First, a couple of invite codes from Elijahbiker from US server. I am not sure they work for both EU and US servers, but they contain a M22 Locust and a week of prem an 1k gold.


And a couple of CD-Action invite codes for EU by nurek11, Petethegrinder, Kookacz



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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #42 on: October 07, 2014, 08:14:21 PM »
- Storm confirms that the Sixth Sense rework (its transfer to the radioman, activated when radioman training hits 100 percent) will happen in medium future (SS: that usually means cca 6 months)
- developers considered removing Sixth Sense completely, but decided not to do it, because it would break current gameplay too much
- there are no specific statistics of the lifetime effect of Sixth Sense perk, as it was introduced very long time ago
- the desired result of the Sixth Sense rework, according to Storm: “So everyone has it”
- perks will be reworked completely
- after the rework, if the radioman gets killed, the Sixth Sense will stop working
- the “reasoning” of Sixth Sense being a radioman ability: “Radioman intercepts the enemy transmissions about the discovery of his tank”
- the perk rework will come with crew skill reset
- Storm admits that the Chinese branch is full of clones, but: “without Chinese branch, we wouldn’t be able to enter the Chinese market at all” (SS: so basically, since WG is already estabilished at EU, it’s “fuck you” to the Euroserver countries)
- new French tanks? “No comment”
- mod-like minimap (with tank descriptions)? “when it’s done it’s done”
- Storm admits he is not knowledgeable in special aspects of WoT development: “It would be a mistake to assume that I understand tank history and characteristics as a history consultant, programming as a lead programmer, game design as a lead game designer etc. I have knowledge, but the specialists know much more in their respective fields than me.”
- Storm claims that WG Japanese medium branch was made possible by a WG employee and not 3rd party (SS: Storm is either a liar, or he doesn’t know what’s going on, because the data for Japanese branch were given to WG by two US server players: Soukoudragon and Daigensui)


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #43 on: October 09, 2014, 01:10:16 PM »
Insider Talks: New Achievements

Hello everyone,

more info from the Insider. This time, it’s a set of various odd achievements (awards), that is prepared (or possibly considered) for World of Tanks. No further details are known, but some of the things are pretty odd:

- apparently, the “Lumberjack” is back, it will be awarded to a player, who destroys at least 3 enemy vehicles and brings down 30 trees in battle
- same goes for the “Alaric” achievement, that will require to destroy 2 tanks and a “monument”
- an achievement for “burying enemy tank in debris”, which is connected to Havok and the fact that buildings will be destructable, plus an achievement for “bringing down a structure on enemy light tank”
- an achievement for flipping enemy tank on its roof

The above requires an explanation – in new motion physics, it will be possible to flip a tank on its roof. To it, the Insider adds that being flipped will destroy the tank quickly (basically the way a tank is destroyed now when another tank drives over it). It will not be possible to simply flip a tank back. The official reasoning for this is that flipping a tank on its roof not only destroys its internal equipment, but also crushes the turret ring and the thin turret roof armor. The developers want to make it really hard to flip the tanks, they want to specifically avoid the War Thunder situation, where (and I quote the developers) “the vehicles behave like they have West Coast custom hydraulics”

- an achievement “Bring the Barn” related to something like a 15vs15 TOG battle
- an achievement for surviving the destruction of the house you are hiding in without taking damage
- an achievement for pushing around a car (object, that will be movable in Havok) without destroying it while damaging at least 3 enemy tanks
- an achievement for “luring the enemy to drown” (as in, standing on the edge of the water, a fast-driving enemy approaches trying to ram you into water, you quickly evade and he drives into water and drowns)
- something related to “Raisenai”, involves KV-2 surviving extreme odds against German attack, not sure what this is

These achievements are tied to the Havok patch, which apparently is 9.5


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Re: "FTR" For The Record News
« Reply #44 on: October 09, 2014, 01:10:38 PM »
Jealous of TOG Event? No Need.

Hello everyone,

a quick announcement for American players. There have been some complaints about the TOGtober and the ease, with which the EU players can obtain a free TOG (hell, even I can do that mission). Well, apparently, there is no need to. According to KMaus, an American community manager, the Americans will get a “secret” event as well and it will be “even more awesome” than the TOG mission.

Well, TOG’s going to be hard to beat, but good luck :)